What happens after Member receives an invitation?

When new Member is added to your space, Coworkify sends an invitation to that Member via email.

Every Member must accept an invitation before joining your space. You cannot charge or send invoice until Member accepts the invitation.

When Member clicks on a link in the invitation email, Member will be navigated to the invitation page that looks like below.

There, Member either creates new account or sign in with existing Coworkify account. Once Member is authenticated, another email will be sent to Member. This email contains a link to your space management page.

For example, if your space URL is 'myspace', then your space management page will be located at http://coworkify.com/myspace/manage

The space management page is the place where all Members will sign in first, and do all kinds of management activities such as making bookings and payments.

After Member sign in to your space management page, Member will be prompted with the agreement that is specific to the plan you've assigned to that Member.

There, Member must agree with the charge summary, and terms and conditions. If there is any one-time charge such as signup fee, deposit, additional one-time charge, then Member will be invoiced immediately after accepting the agreement.

Once Member accepts the agreement, that Member will be activated.

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