How do I let Coworkify issue invoices and collect payments from Members?

You can let Coworkify issue invoices to Members and collect payment from them on behalf of you.

The status of each invoice automatically changes to paid state once Coworkify confirms that payment is actually made by Member.

This automatic invoicing and payment collection process is only available when a payment gateway such as Stripe or PayPal is enabled as your payment method.

Here are the steps.

1) Set up payment method.

If you have not set up your payment method, please refer to Getting Started guide.

2) Go to Invoices page.

3) Click on "Add Invoice" menu on the right.

4) Select a Member whom you wish to issue an invoice, and click on "Add" button.

5) Enter or change Member's name and company if necessary.

6) Write thank you messages or payment instructions in Message field.

7) Write internal memo in Memo field if necessary.

8) Add items to the invoice by clicking on "Add Item" button.

9) Click on "Add Invoice" button at the bottom.

10) Choose to send the invoice now or later.

Once the invoice is sent, Member will receive notification via email with a link to his/her invoice page.

There, Member can make payment using the payment method specified by you. All payments made by your Members directly go to your account. Coworkify does not take a cut of any transaction. Money is all yours.

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