How to Deactivate and Re-activate a Member

You can deactivate and reactivate a member with the following steps.

To Deactivate a Member.

1) Go to the Members page.

2) Click on "Enabled" link under the Disabled/Enabled column.

3) The link changes to "Disabled" with a red colored icon. The member is now placed below the list.

(see screenshot below)


To Re-activate a Member

1) Click on "Disabled" link on the Member you want to re-activate its Membership.

2) The Member status is changed from "Disabled" to Enabled" with a green colored icon. The member is placed back on the top of the list. 


Note: If a member had a previous plan that when they are reactivated, the same plan will be applied. You can change the plan if the member needs to have a different plan.

To Change the Plan: How to Change Member's Plan


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