Guide on How to Integrate Coworkify to Kisi

In collaboration with Kisi, Coworkify rolled out a new feature that allows a space-owner manage the customers entry on working space conveniently.


To integrate Kisi, space owners should follow the steps below:


  1. Create an account at Kisi -


  1. Fill in the following fields with the necessary information such as: name, email address, and your Kisi password.


  1. Agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and then click the ‘SIGN UP’ button.


  1. Check your inbox for Kisi confirmation email. Click ‘Confirm Email Address’ to complete the registration process.


  1. Once successfully confirmed, the browser will lead you to Kisi log-in page. Log in to your Kisi account and continue forward to retrieve your Kisi API Key.

Here are the steps on how to retrieve your Kisi API key:


  1. Log in to  kisi_image_5.png
  2. Click ‘My Account’ on the upper right side of the page and choose ‘LOGINS’.kisi_image_6.png
  3. Choose ‘Add API Key’ and create a name for the door you will assign the API Key. Then click ‘ADD’.




Next, are the steps on how Integrate Kisi API key to your Coworkify account.


  1. Log-in to Kisi, Choose My Account > Logins > API Keys.
  2. Go to the section of ‘My API Keys’ and click SHOW API SECRET KEY’, then copy the secret key and go to Coworkify.



     3. Then, login to Coworkify. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Integration’ on the left sidebar navigation.


     4. Go to the second box, tick check inside the tiny box beside ‘KISI Integration Status’.


Note: You won’t be able to paste your API Key unless you tick check inside the box.

     5. Paste the API Key and click ‘Save’.



A box will pop-up to confirm you want to integrate the API Key, select “OK”


Coworkify users need to re-integrate their Kisi API Key if:

  1. Coworkify integration is not updated or;
  2. The space owner changed the API key to its workspace doors


To reintegrate the API key, just retrieve the key from your Kisi account and paste it on “Kisi Integration API Key” box.


A box will pop-up asking if you want to re-integrate with Kisi, just press “OK” to continue.


A message will appear in green highlights indicating that your API Key is successfully updated.



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