How to Add a Co-Owner and Manager

As a space owner, you can now add another user as a Space Manager or Co-Owner. When a new Team Member is added to your space, Coworkify sends an invitation to that Team Member via email.

To Add a New Team Member:

1.) Go to Account > Team > Click “Add Team Member"

Every Team Member must accept an invitation before joining your space. Team Members in your space can be comprised with Co-owner and Manager. 

A Co-Owner has the same privileges with the space owner and has access to all billing and administrative features of the coworking space.This includes adding, editing, or deleting Members, Invoices, Bookings, Plans, and Resources. Co-owners can also add and delete Space and at the same time manage the payments to the Coworkify platform.

A Manager has all  administrative access to the coworking space, however they cannot add and delete a Space or manage the payments to the Coworkify platform.


When the Team Member clicks on the invitation link, the member will be navigated to the invitation page that looks like below.



There, the Team Member creates a new account with Coworkify. Once this is done, the Team Member has now access already to the Coworkify platform.


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