Credit Plans

Credit Plans are rights that you give to your Members where they can use available credits to book a particular resource. Upon using the credits, it shall be deducted from the member's credits wallet upon usage.

An interested Member can select a Credit Plan which is a one-time purchase of X credits that the be can use at a space in booking resources. A Space Owner can either enable or disable Credits Wallet functionality to use this functionality.

1. To enable the Credit System in your space, Add “Credit Cost Per Hour” first on all of the available Resources under Settings > Resources.



2. Then, Enable the Credits Wallet Functionality unde Settings > Space Information. If it is Enabled, then there will be available options related to Credits. Members can have access and even purchase Credit Plans.




3. Create Credit Plans for Members to purchase under Settings > Credit Plans > Add Credit Plan. Credits can be setup as a “Plan” - an example 20 credits per $99/month. A Member can buy 20 credits, and can keep track of how many are used / remaining


After you have Save it, you have successfully created and configure a new Credit Plan. Members can now purchase credits and book resources using the available credit units they have. 

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