Guide on How to Integrate Coworkify to Mailchimp

In partnership with Mailchimp, Coworkify has released a new feature where space owners can manage their email campaigns efficiently.

To integrate Mailchimp, Space Owners should follow these steps:

  1. Create an account at Mailchimp -


  2. Fill in the following fields with the necessary information such as the email address, username, and your Mailchimp password. Then click “Get Started”.


  3. Check your inbox for Mailchimp confirmation email. Click “Activate Account” to complete the registration process.
  4. Once activated, the browser will lead you to “Plan Selection” page to choose a specific Plan you want to subscribe. 

  5. Then, you can now set-up your account on a step by step process as required by Mailchimp.


  6. Once the process is completed, you can now get started in using Mailchimp.

    Here are the steps on how to retrieve your Mailchimp API key:

    1. Log in to Mailchimp -

    2. Go to your Profile by clicking the drop down arrow under your Account.

    Under Profile, click on “Extras” tab and choose “API Key”.


    To generate your Mailchimp API Key, here is a Help Doc to guide you: How to Generate your API Key

    5. Once you have created an API Key, copy the API Key and go to Coworkify.


    6. Log in to your Coworkify account, Navigate to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Integration’ on the left side of the bar.

    Note: You won’t be able to post your API Key unless you tick check inside the box.

    7. Paste the API Key and click “Connect Mailchimp”


    A box will pop-up to confirm you want to integrate the API Key, select “OK”

    8. After confirming it, another box will pop-up for you to select a specific “Audience List” and click “Enable”. Once you have enabled it, the list of your Coworkify members will sync successfully to the Audience List you have selected. 


    Here is a Help Doc on how to Create a Mailchimp Audience:
    How to Create a Mailchimp Audience


After successfully integrating Coworkify to Mailchimp, the following scenarios are expected to happen while the integration is Active:

  1. Existing members are successfully added to the Email List
  2. Newly added members are automatically added to your Email List
  3. Automatically unsubscribed members that cancel from a Space or disabled by the space owner.

Coworkify users need to re-integrate their Mailchimp API Key if:

  1. Coworkify Integration is not updated or;
  2. The space owner change the API Key to its Mailchimp Account

To reintegrate, just retrieve the key from your Mailchimp account and follow the same process above. 


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