How to Customized the Resources in Plans

Coworkify has now enabled space owners to customized Resources that will be available on the Plan. To do this, here are the steps:

  1. Click Settings > Plans 
  2. Choose a specific Plan to edit
  3. Below the page, go to the Resources section


  4. On the Resources section, simply choose by placing a check mark (✔) which Resources you want to enable on a specific Plan
  5. On each enabled Resource, you can specify the “# of Hours Included” where members are allowed to book with no charges yet. And after which, default charges for the resource will apply.
  6. On Time Range column, you can specify time-based restrictions for each resource under a specific Plan. With this, members cannot book the resource that is beyond the time range set.
  7. After completing the necessary fields, click Save.

    After saving it, members who are subscribe to a specific Plan can now book Resources according to their Membership.
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