Setting up resources

With the built-in calendar tool, your Members can book the resources themselves.

Typical resources might be large conference room, small meeting room, projector, whiteboard and chairs.

You can create as many resources as you want, and set hourly charge and quantity to each of them. Coworkify makes sure there won't be any over-booking if the resource is available in limited number of quantity.

To set up resources, go to Settings > Resources page and you will see the page like below.

To add new resource, click "Add Resource" button at the bottom. This page will show up.


Enter unique name, description, hourly charge and quantity.

If you want a resource to be available at free of charge, enter 0 for hourly charge. If you have a resource that does not require quantity management or if you want to allow Members to make duplicate bookings, enter 0 for quantity. If you have a resource that only you as admin can book, check "Only admin can book this resource".

When you are done, click "Add Resource" button at the bottom. Now you successfully added new resource to your space. Your Members will be invoiced for resource usage at the end of billing cycle you specify.

Next step: Setting up plans

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