Setting up invoice

Coworkify issues an invoice to each Member at the end of billing cycle you specify. On this page you will customize what information goes into the invoice. To set up invoices, go to Settings > Invoice.

In some countries such as Japan, it is legally required for the invoice to include company name, address, invoice number, and customer number. Fill these fields as necessary.

The invoice day defines the end of billing cycle for your space. When it is set to 20, Coworkify issues the invoices to your Members on 20th every month.

You can change how tax is displayed in the invoice and whether to include tax in price. Change the tax name to VAT, GST or anything depending on the country where your business operates.

You can also change tax rate any time you want. Changing tax rate does not affect the invoices that are already issued. When you are done, click "Save" at the bottom.

Next step: Setting up payment methods

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    I want to have the members pay when they book, how does that work?

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